No Helium Balloons!!!!!! Only approved balloons on a stick are allowed. Anyone with helium balloons will be asked to remove them from the venue.
No food or drinks in the main event area – only closed water bottle.
No stallholders are to purchase stock or items from another stallholder and then resell.
No stallholders are to shop prior to event opening. Our visitors pay $2 to come in and shop, along with many lining up early to get in first. You will find time at the end of the event to have a shop around.
No plants (At Babies and kids Expo/ Market Only), animals, drugs, alcohol, fakes of copyright materials/products are allowed to be sold at the market / Expo. Only approved items for your stall are allowed to be sold.
All tables must be covered with a cloth. You can use a tablecloth, single flat sheet or purchase a fitted cloth.
Ensure your stall is not cluttered, no items sitting in walkways, all fixtures/stands must be safe & secure. Please keep your stall within in your paid area. You may be asked to move items/racks to make sure they are inside your space
Those bringing their own extra tables or racks for a double stall space are to ensure that they do not go outside their allocated space or you will be asked to remove some of your fixtures or tables. NO Round Commercial Racks.
Unloaded your goods from your car, please ensure your vehicle is moved to the allocated Stallholder parking areas. (see Trisha)
The market organiser takes no responsibility for your customers complaints over any items that you sell. We do not take responsibility for any Products you sell and we do not cover PRODUCT Insurance for our stallholders. NQBKM take no responsibility for items that you sell. Please READ Penalties & Consequences. Nor do we take any responsibility for any Preloved Toys or Preloved Bulky Goods that you sell. All goods MUST be working and NOT Broken. All items MUST meet Australian Safety Standards. No items are to be sold with missing parts and no car seats that have been in an accident. After the event we are required to inform the customer of your contact details if a matter arises.
If the venue is damaged due to your own negligence you will be required to pay costs incurred for repairs. Please take care when moving bulky items or when taking your goods in and out of the venue.
All stall holders are responsible for reporting any incidents to the market organiser and completing an incident report form.
The venue will open at each location at different times for setup, please make sure you read your bump in packs when they are emailed out to see setup times. Stalls will be allocated according to your product and timing of your booking. All stall holders will be required to arrive before 7am for Babies & Kids & 3pm for Twilight – the doors to the venue will be closed half hour to 45 mins before event starts, as customers will be arriving and we need to close the venue for stallholders to make final preparations to their stall. Doors will open at set event start time, so please be ready to serve at this time.
Should the event be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen extreme weather conditions your money will not be refunded. Market organisers will endeavor to do their best to accommodate stallholders and will work on something for the next market. Please take note of “Stallholders Refund Policy ”.
PLEASE ensure your stall area is left clean with no stickers or rubbish on the ground. We appreciate your help!

# Not following these rules may result in:

Being withheld from attending one event as a penalty for out rightly disregarding the rules.
Have to pay costs of repairs of damaged carpet or having to pay for a cherry pickers and council/venue staff’s time in having to remove helium balloons.
Continual rule breaking will result in you being removed as being a stallholder at any future event.
If your negligence results in an accident or injury to another person you will be held liable to make payment of any costs invoiced to NQBKM including our insurance excess (which is $1000 per claim – that means if 5 people are injured you have to pay $5000).
Risk not being allowed to attend on the day if you do not arrive on time. Please Read Refund Policy.
Preloved Stalls
Stall holders are required to sell only pre-loved babies and kids items of good quality, in working order and clean. NO Broken or Faulty items will be allowed. We do not take responsibility for complaints over your items sold and will not be held liable for any items you sell.

Bulky Goods for Babies & Kids Market/Expo (No Bulky Goods area is available at Twilight Market) will be displayed in a designated area. Please see Trisha for your Bulky Goods Tags.

Bulky Goods are items like cots, prams, car seats (must meet safety standards & not have been in an accident), highchairs, bouncers/rockers, bikes/trikes, outdoor/larger indoor play equipment & gyms etc. Please bring bulky items to the Bulky Items Display area prior to 7:30am. All items are to be ticketed with your stall holders number, a description and price of the item.

To Price your items you may find some helpful information in our FAQ (see links below). To assist with your sales on the day you may wish to print off the “Coloured Dot Pricing System”. You can then colour code your items with dots and stick the sign up at your stall to make it easier for customers to shop. This is just a suggestion.

Please review the following sites for information regarding baby/kids products meeting safety standards and also selling preloved items. Note: all items MUST meet safety standards and no car seats are to be sold if they have been in an accident or are broken, damaged or have parts missing. Your contact details will be passed onto a buyer should they contact us after the event and if required by law will also be passed on to any other third party if you have sold items incorrectly. NQBKM take no responsibility for toys or second-hand items that you sell. Please READ Penalties & Consequences

Websites: Product Safety Guidelines, Product Safety Updates on Portable Cots, Product Recalls on Children’s Toys and Clothing, ACCC Pram & Stroller Safety Alert

PRELOVED STALLHOLDER CLAUSE: all Preloved Stallholders will understand that the NQBKM are not responsible for any items that you sell.

Retailers, Business or Promotional Stalls

Stall holders are required to sell or promote only new babies and kids items of good quality; or promote services related to mums, dads & families.

Retailers, Business or Promotional Stalls may include products applicable to mums or children that are provided through Home Based Business. We endeavor to have different product ranges at each market / expo, but at times will have similar products returning at each market / expo.

We also request that stallholders have respect for each other and do not copy products. We support all home based business and ask that all our stallholders respect the hard work and efforts that each WAHM puts in to their business.

If you are part of a Party Plan Business and wish to have a stall please approach your team leader and organise for a stall to be booked for the market.

Would like to Book or Apply to be a Stallholder
Please contact us